Nanoimprint Lithography Resins

UV or photo Nano-Imprint Lithography (UV-NIL or P-NIL) is a versatile technique for low-cost nanoscale device fabrication. The precise, direct patterning and repeatable replication of complex three-dimensional nanoscale patterns (submicron, 10’s of nanometers) in a single step make the NIL technique compelling in comparison to other expensive techniques such as e-beam or helium ion beam lithography.

In the NIL method, a resin is coated on a substrate, a stamper with patterns is pressed on, and the resin is cured by UV light as illustrated.  ACW has a full line of UV resins for use in UV-NIL from replications of nano-features on glass or plastic to replications of features on silicon for silicon chip or wafer-level optics.  In addition, ACW’s product line contains high RI (1.51-1.60) resins for the production of micro-lens arrays and wafer-level optics.

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