Semiconductor Packaging

ACW provides a variety of UV-curable, Dual-Cure (light or heat) and UV-Snap Cure epoxy resins for semiconductor packaging applications including die attach and chip packaging.  The UV-curable products are single component, fast curing epoxies that give high Tg, low outgas cured adhesives that are stable to solder reflow conditions.  The Dual-Cure epoxies can be cured by heat or light allowing UV-fixing and thermal curing for shaded areas. They are room temperature stable, single component resins that are shipped and stored at room temperature and do not require mixing that results in bubbles and gaps in bond lines.  ACW Dual-Cure epoxies provide optimum performance when cured at temperatures of only 125-150 °C for short periods of time, and curing at 80-100 °C is possible in heat sensitive applications.  Thermal conductive version of Dual-Cure adhesives also are available.  The UV-Snap Cure adhesives are room temperature stable resins that, when activated by UV light, will cure at temperatures as low as 70 °C.  The UV-Snaps are designed for use in assemblies that have both opaque or shaded regions and temperature sensitive components.  The thermal Snap-Cure epoxies can be cured at 130-150 °C in a few minutes or at 70-80 °C in 1-2 hours.

How good is the adhesion of ACW epoxies?  Click on the movie below.  This sample is comprised of two 375 micron PC strips bonded with 25 micron thick DA-101R.  After bonding, the sample was treated in an environmental chamber at 80-85 °C and 100% RH for 120 hours.  The bond experiences >25 Kgf/cm2 (>350 psi) when the PC fails.

ACW adhesives that are especially useful for semiconductor applications are listed below.

Product Features Data Sheet
A535-AN η = 3,500 cps, Tg = 170 °C, low outgas, excellent environmental    TDS
A535-AN-TX thixotropic version of A535-AN, TI = 3, η = 12,500*    TDS
Dual Cure
A1705-TX RT stable, thixotropic TI = 2, η = 24,000* cps, Tg = 184 °C    TDS
A1708-TX RT stable, thixotropic TI = 2, η = 13,000* cps, Tg = 168 °C    TDS
A1857-TX thixotropic TI = 4, η = 22,000* cps, cures at 80-85 °C, Tg = 165 °C    TDS
A1858-TB black, thixotropic TI = 4, η = 24,000* cps, cures at 80-85 °C, Tg = 165 °C    TDS
UV-Snap Cure
A535-AN-S η = 3,000 cps, cure with 1J/cmthen 70 °C 30 min, Tg = 155 °C, high adhesion    TDS
A535-TXS thixotropic TI = 3, η = 9,000* cps, cure with 1J/cm2 then 70 °C 30 min, Tg = 160 °C    TDS
Thermal Snap
DA101-R red, thixotropic TI = 5, η = 22,000* cps, Tg = 157 °C, fast cure, designed for die attach    TDS

*thixotropic paste, the viscosity at a shear rate of 10/s is listed.