UV Cure Hard Coat for Plastics

UV-curable acrylate based hard coat resin for use as protective coatings for plastic films including TAC, PET, PMMA and PC.  The cured coating offers high pencil hardness in thin (5-7 micron) coating layers, optical clarity, and excellent barrier properties.  These hard coats can be cured at 5-7 micron thickness without protection from oxygen, and robust sub-micron coatings are possible when cured in nitrogen.  Typical applications are hard coating for PET films in display applications including mobile phone, moisture barrier layer for plastic films, and binder resin for particles dispersed coating.  HC-6000 is a hybrid inorganic/organic hard coat containing colloidal silica.

ACW hard coats are sold as 100% resin and have no shipping restrictions.  The converter uses 30-50% hard coat in the solvent of choice.  The solutions can be coated by roll to roll, dip, spray or spin coat.

Product η (cps, 25 °C) Tg (°C)   Note Data Sheets
 HC-5607 1,000-1,300  100 flexible   TDS
 HC-5619 5,000-6,000  115 high hardness   TDS
 HC-6000 2,000-3,000  114 high hardness, low shrinkage   TDS