Acrylate Bonding Adhesives

UV-Curable Optically Clear Adhesives

ACW offers low stress, low modulus, low extractable, optically clear UV-curable acrylate based adhesives.  These adhesives have good adhesion to many type of substrates including hard to bond plastic substrates such as polystyrene, and they can be used in microplate assembly due to their compatibility with various cell lines.

APPLICATIONS:  plastic films laminating, microplate assembly, optical film stack bonding, glass bonding.

Product η (cps, 25 °C) Tg (°C) Applications Data Sheets
 AC A109-PLV 4,000-7,000  46   A, B   TDS
 AC A109P 9,000-13,000  46   A, B   TDS
 A200 6,500-7,500  42   A   TDS

A:  Bonding
B:  Microplate assembly

Dual Cure Adhesives

Dual cure adhesives for use in electronic packaging applications.  UV light to fix the alignment and thermal cure to cure the adhesive in the shaded areas.  Dual cure adhesives offer high Tg, high adhesion strength.  AC M60-6 has excellent thermal cycling performances.

APPLICATIONS:   Electronics encapsulation, TO can, MEMS, isolator, collimator packaging, light-pipes and color wheel applications.

Product η (cps, 25 °C) Tg (°C) Applications Data Sheets
AC M730-L 750-900   94   C, D  TDS MSDS
AC M625-B 13,000-15,000  109   C, D  TDS MSDS
AC M60-6 12,000-17,000  107   E, F  TDS MSDS

C:  Optoelectronics component bonding
D:  Laser diode TO can assembly
E:  Optoelectronics and chip packaging
F:  Light-pipes and color wheel applications