Active Alignment Adhesives

Active alignment adhesives are used  for precise, computer-controlled alignment in camera, sensor, optical, and optoelectronics components as illustrated below.  The adhesive is dispensed, the components are mated and then aligned with computer control, and the adhesive is set by UV curing.

If light can be transmitted to the entire bonding region, then UV cure adhesives can be used.  Quite often, however, the components have shaded regions, which requires dual-cure adhesives, a portion of which is cured by UV and the remainder of which is cured by heat.

In principle, any type of adhesive might be used for active alignment, but epoxy adhesives provide superior adhesion and environmental properties.  ACW offers both UV-cure and Dual-Cure (UV and heat) epoxy adhesives for active alignment applications.  ACW’s UV cure epoxy adhesives are collected on the UV Adhesives page.  ACW’s Dual-Cure epoxy adhesives are collected on the Dual Cure Adhesives page.  Note that both low temperature Dual-Cure adhesives (80-100 °C) for temperature sensitive components and high temperature Dual-Cure adhesives (130-150 °C) for superior bonding are available.