Thermal Conductive Adhesives

ACW thermal conductive adhesives contain no metals and are electrically insulating.  They are all-epoxy formulations with thixotropic character and a white appearance.  The cured adhesives have high Tg and very low out-gas with thermal conductivities of up to 3+ W/m°K in 75 micron films and up to 1.5+ W/m°K in 500 micron films.

The TCL adhesives are shipped cold (cold pack with NO DRY ICE) and stored at -40 to -20 °C.  The have a 2+ day working life time at room temperature and can be cured by heat at temperatures as low as 90 °C.  The TCR adhesives are shipped and stored at room temperature and are cured by heat at temperatures of 130-150 °C.  The dual cure versions can be cured by light or heat, and heat is required for thick films.


Product Cure η (cps)* Tg (°C) TC‡ 75 μm  (W/m°K)   Data Sheets
TCL line†
TCL-104 heat 32,000  183    2.8   TDS
TCL-105 heat 55,000  184    3.3   TDS
TCL-202 dual 32,000  183    2.8   TDS
TCL-203 dual 55,000  181    3.3   TDS
TCR line†
TCR-1002 dual 28,000  160    2.7   TDS
TCR-1003 dual 55,000  166    2.6   TDS

† TCL adhesives cure thermally at 90 °C; TCR adhesives cure thermally at 130-150 °C.
* Thixotropic paste; the viscosities are reported at 25 °C for a shear rate of 10/s.
‡ Thermal conductivity for 75 micron film.  Thermal conductivities vary with film thickness.