UV-Curable Working Stamp Resins

UV Microimprint and nanoimprint lithography can be used for mass production of optical components.  In this process, a UV-curable resin is pressed against a stamp or mold and cured by light.  The master molds for such an application are quite expensive, but the process can be made more economical if the master is used to produce working stamps that are then used for 20, 30, or even more final imprints.  The resins for the working stamps must meet several severe conditions including facile release from the master and from the final imprints.

ACW offers UV-curable resins for working stamps for micro-imprint and nano-imprint lithography applications.  These are PFAS-free resins for use with both hard (glass) and flexible (treated PET) backplanes.   The FS resins are acrylates that are targeted for nano-imprint lithography applications.  The recently-released WS resins are epoxy-based formulations targeted for micro-imprint applications.

Download a whitepaper with details about ACW’s epoxy working stamp resins by clicking HERE.

Product η (cps, 25 °C) Tg (°C) Modulus (GPa)* Data Sheet
FS-2400 600-700 155 2.5 TDS
FS-2500 850-950 113 1.7 TDS
WS-101 900-1,000 116 2.0 TDS
WS-102 650-800 108 1.6 TDS
PC (ref)# 140 2.0
PDMS (ref)# -125 0.002

*Young’s Modulus
#Literature reference values