LuxNIL® High Refractive Index Resins for UV Nanoimprint Lithography

ACW provides very high RI LuxNIL® resins for UV-NIL applications.  These resins are organic/inorganic hybrids in PGMEA solvent suitable for spin coating, roll-to-roll coating or ink-jetting to give, after solvent removal, coatings or 100 nm to 3 microns.  The RIs of LuxNIL® resins are 1.70 to 1.96 at 589 nm and can be tuned to customers’ specifications.  The cured films have very low haze, 100% clarity, and 100% transmission, and they survive harsh environmental conditions of 85 °C and 85% RH essentially unchanged.

You can download a White Paper discussing LuxNIL® resins that was issued jointly by ACW and EV Group by clicking HERE.  That paper details the high resolution and sub-nm height gain per imprint obtained for 25 imprints on a single working stamp.

ACW released the LuxNIL® U high RI NIL resins in May, 2024.  These resins have improved UV-stability.  You can download a whitepaper discussing “sunlight” irradiation stress testing of LuxNIL® U resins and conventional high RI NIL resins by clicking HERE.

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Product n589nm Data Sheet
LuxNIL P270-U 1.70  TDS
LuxNIL P276-U 1.80 TDS
LuxNIL P283-U 1.86 TDS
LuxNIL P285-U 1.91 TDS
LuxNIL P288-U 1.94 TDS
LuxNIL P289-U 1.96 TDS