Optoelectronics Applications

FTTHACW offers a variety of adhesives for assembly of optoelectronics components including UV cure epoxies, Dual-Cure (UV and/or light) epoxies and acrylates, and low RI and high RI resins.  ACW also provides flame retardant optical fiber buffer coatings and optical fiber claddings.

• Fibers to V-Grooves
• Lens and mirror to housing or PCB
• Grin lens bonding
• Wafer-level packaging and bonding
• Glass to metal sealing
• Hermetic package sealing
• Waveguide devices bonding

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UV-curable, high Tg Epoxy Adhesives for fiber array

Product Features  Data Sheet
A-535-A viscosity 1,000 cps, Tg = 155 °C    TDS
A-535-AN viscosity 3,500 cps, Tg = 170 °C    TDS
A-535-AF viscosity 3,000-4,100 cps, Tg = 130 °C    TDS

Low RI / High RI Optical Bonding Adhesives

Product Features Data Sheet
R260-A1 viscosity 500 cps, flexible adhesive, RI = 1.458    TDS
R262-MOD-5 viscosity = 250 cps, RI = 1.455, Tg = 117 °C, high adhesion    TDS
R220-B flexible cladding, RI = 1.420    TDS
R221 hard cladding, RI = 1.416    TDS
L2007 high RI (1.567), Tg = 109 °C, excellent optical clarity, high power laser applications    TDS

Flame Retardant Optical Fiber Coating

Product Features Data Sheet
B914-B-Green Secondary Fiber Coating    TDS
B914-B Primary Fiber Coating    TDS

Dual Cure Optical Component Packaging

Product Features Data Sheet
M625-B acrylate, viscosity 14,000 cps, cure at 90-120 °C    TDS
M730-L acrylate, viscosity 800 cps, cure at 75-85 °C    TDS
A539-DM epoxy, viscosity 2,000 cps, cure at 100-120 °C    TDS
A535-AT epoxy, viscosity 1,200 cps, cure at 125-180 °C    TDS