High Resolution, High Refractive Index Nano-Imprint Lithography with Sub-nm Height Gain

ACW teamed up with EV Group to demonstrate a new standard of performance for wafer-level high RI UV nano-imprint lithography (UV-NIL) for augmented/virtual/mixed reality applications. Using EV Group’s SmartNIL® process and ACW’s high RI LuxNIL® resins, the team achieved 50 nm resolution imprints with RI as high as 1.96 at 633 nm and sub-nm average height gain for 25 imprints on a single PFAS-free polymer working stamp.

Key Whitepaper Points:

  • UV-nanoimprint lithography
  • High refractive index resins
  • High precision imprints
  • Sub-nm height gains

Download the jointly issued Whitepaper for details of the process and resins.

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