Adhesives that block Visible and Near IR light

Do you want a UV-cure adhesive that blocks visible or Near IR light?  At first thought, that might seem to be a paradox, but ACW has found a way to do just that.  A1867-TX and A1867-TX2 are sister adhesives with different thixotropic indices.  These are dual-cure (UV or heat) epoxy adhesives that will cure with UV-A or 365 nm light or by heating at 85-90 °C, and they can be used for active alignment applications.  The remarkable property of these adhesives is that they will block visible and Near IR light, and even most UV light, in reasonably thin films.  Possibly more remarkable, the light blocking property does not fade with time or heat.

If you are looking for a stress-absorbing dual-cure adhesive that filters light, ACW has that also.  A109-DFT is an acrylate that cures rapidly with UV light or heat at 100 °C to give a highly conformable protective coating.  It has a low modulus and high elasticity, behaving much like a silicone, but contains no silicon.  And, again, it efficiently blocks light in thin films.

Take a look at the UV-visible Near IR spectra of A1867-TX and A109-DFT above.  Even a 50 or 30 micron thin film, respectively, will block 95% of 905 nm light.  If you are looking to stop stray light from entering your detector, these adhesives can do the job.  For more information about these adhesives, contact ACW at or click on the product names below to see the technical data sheets.

A1867-TX     A1867-TX2     A109-DFT

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