TA101-S: Dual-Cure Adhesive; Soft, Compliant, Thermal Conductive Film

Need a soft, rubbery thermal conductive adhesive to avoid shearing from vibration, thermal shock or CTE mismatch?  ACW has an adhesive for that.  TA101-S is a one-component, Dual-Cure (UV and/or heat curing) adhesive that gives a rubbery film with 300% elongation before break.  The cured film has a low Tg of 50 °C and is soft (Shore A = 85-90).  It has good thermal conductivity but is electrically insulating.

In addition to resiliency, TA101-S displays strong bonding and excellent environmental performance.  In lap shear studies bonding LCP to LCP coupons, the shear force was high (>16 Kgf/cm2 or 160 N/cm2).  After 16 hours in a pressure cooker test at 105 °C, 100% RH, the shear force was reduced by only 6%.

TA101-S is easy to handle.  It can be shipped and stored at room temperature (pot life of 14 days at room temperature) and can be stored safely for months in a freezer (shelf life in a freezer of 6 months).  It is a white paste with medium viscosity and thixotropic character containing filler of 7 micron average particle size.  It is cured with either UV or heat, and it is perfect for UV tacking followed by thermal cure in shaded areas.  It is a turnkey, ready to use product that has been fully degassed.  It is available in syringes.

See the data sheet for TA-101S or contact us at info@addisoncw.com with questions.

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