Surface Mounted Device (SMD) Adhesive

ACW’s Snap-Cure epoxy DA-101R is specifically designed for attaching surface mounted devices (SMD) to PCB.  It is colored red to provide high contrast with green PCB, it can be dispensed by syringe or screen printing, and it is a Snap-Cure adhesive that cures at low temperatures.  Importantly, DA101-R has Tg = 157 °C, and it will not dislodge due to CTE changes when it is thermally cycled.  For more information, see the DA-101R data sheet DA-101R TDS.

The video below demonstrates the strength of DA-101R.  Two 375 micron PC strips were bonded with a 25 micron bond line.  The sample was cured at 80 °C for one hour and then placed in an environmental chamber at 80-85 °C and 100% RH for 120 hours.  The bond experiences >25 Kgf/cm2 (>350 psi) when the PC fails.

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