Low Temperature Dual Cure Epoxies (UV or heat)

ACW offers lines of Dual Cure epoxies that can be cured with either UV or heat to obtain high Tg epoxies with excellent reliability performance.  All of the dual cure epoxies have room temperature pot lives (or working lives) of three days or more and shelf lives of several months when stored under appropriate conditions. The fully cured sealants have high Tg and excellent adhesion to many substrates (glass, ceramic, metal, and plastic) expected for epoxies.  They are excellent candidates for camera module fabrication, semi-conductor packaging, optoelectronics assembly, and die attach applications.  They allow an instant “UV-fix” for aligned parts at edges that can see light, and the fixed component can then be heated to give complete resin curing, including in areas that are shaded from light. The low temperature cure versions are compatible with polycarbonate lenses.  Details about Dual Cure Epoxy adhesives are given in the Dual Cure page of the Blog.

The newest Dual Cure epoxies have increased photo sensitivity allowing photo-curing with as little as 2-3 J of 365 nm light (LED) or UVA from a mercury lamp.  The thermal cure temperatures have consistently been reduced since the release of this product line and can be as low as 70 °C.  For more details about the Dual Cure adhesives, see the Dual Cure Adhesives page of the Products section.

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