Let’s Be Clear: UV-Curable Resins for Lenses

Clear, Colorless, Hard, High RI Plastic Lenses

Lens Resin Spectra
UV-vis-NIR spectra of cured lens resins

ACW’s L series are one-component, medium viscosity acrylate resins that cure with UV light to give hard, high RI (n = 1.51-1.60) materials suitable for lenses.  These resins have good depth of cure, permitting production of lenses with several millimeters thickness.   In other applications, L series resins can be used as adhesives for optoelectronics components or as photo-polymers for imprinting.

Cured L series have a number of attractive features.  As the spectra show, they are colorless and clear in both the visible and NIR region used for fiber optics transmission.  In addition, they are hard and robust materials with high Tgs (110 – 150 °C).  They have excellent thermal stability and can survive solder reflow conditions.

For more information, click on the data sheets for the L-series resins below.  The refractive indices at 589 nm and 25 °C are listed in parentheses after the product name.

L2002-C42 (n = 1.515), L2007 (n = 1.567), L2061-B (n = 1.602)

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