Addison Clear Wave Has Updated Its Photo Nanoimprint Lithography (P-NIL) Resins Brochures

ACW has updated its brochures for resins for P-NIL applications.  The updated brochures include the results of environmental and thermal shock stress tests on resins coated on glass.  The environmental stress tests were 1000 hours at 85 °C and 85% relative humidity.  The thermal shock tests were 1000 cycles of 150 °C for 30 minutes followed by -40 °C for 30 minutes.  These types of tests are among the most rigorous used in the electronics, sensors, and automobile industries.

ACW has been a leader in P-NIL resins since they were known as 2P resins decades ago.  A hallmark of ACW P-NIL resins is high adhesion to glass, surviving the harsh 1000-hour temperature/humidity and thermal shock stress tests with no delamination. There are two classes of resins, P-NIL Lens Resins and P-NIL Resins for Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE).  Both groups include resins with RI at 589 nm ranging from 1.51 to 1.61.

Click HERE for the updated P-NIL Lens Resins Brochure.

Click HERE for the updated P-NIL Resins for DOE Brochure.

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