A1855-TX An Active Alignment Dual-Cure, Epoxy Only Adhesive with Deep UV Cure

Feb 10, 2020.  Are you using a dual-cure adhesive for your active alignment applications?  Dual-cure adhesives cure with both UV and heat so that one can fix the alignment with UV and then fully cure the adhesive with heat.  With A1855-TX, we  increased the depth of cure in the UV step to 750 microns.

ACW’s Dual-Cure adhesives are 100% epoxy, which provides excellent adhesion and environmental properties.  One of our flagship low temperature Dual-Cure epoxy adhesives is A1853-TX, which can be cured with 365 nm LED light and/or by heating at 80-85 °C.  We now have extended the UV cure depth of this adhesive with a cousin, A1855-TX, which can be cured with UV to a depth of 750 microns.  The increased depth of UV cure is essentially the only difference between A1855-TX and its cousin.  We strove to maintain the same physical properties in the resin (thixotropic index of 7) and the cured adhesive (Tg 175 °C, Shore D 80 hardness); A1855-TX can serve as a drop-in substitute for A1853-TX.

You can see the data sheet for A1855-TX HERE.  Contact us at info@addisoncw.com if you would like more information or a sample.

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