Addison Clear Wave’s PFAS-free Epoxy Working Stamp Resins

Addison Clear Wave has released two new PFAS-free epoxy working stamp resins for UV lens molding and similar applications, WS-104 and WS-105.  These resins can be cast on glass or PET backplanes from metal master molds using a conventional anti-stick material.  The working stamps thus made have high water contact angles and can be used with standard imprint resins without applying an anti-stick layer in the imprint step.

WS-104 resin gives tough working stamps with Young’s modulus similar to that of polycarbonate.  The toughness ensures that the stamps will not distort in the imprint step, but the stamps are flexible and readily release from imprints even when no anti-stick layer is used in the imprint step.  WS-105 has a lower Young’s modulus and high elongation resulting in high flexibility.

Download the technical data sheets for WS-104 and WS-105 for more details.  Contact us at to discuss your application and arrange for samples.


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