Photo Stamp Resins for Nanoimprint Lithography

ACW offers photo-curable resins for the production of multi-use working stamps from a master mold.  Resins for both hard stamps with rigid backings and soft stamps with flexible backings are available.   The working stamps provide low production cost and high accuracy approaches to nanoimprint lithography.

HS-110 is designed for hard stamps.  It has a Young’s modulus and glass transition temperature somewhat greater than those of polycarbonate.  FS-200, while flexible, also can be used for hard stamps.

FS-200 and FS-300 are acrylates that give strong but highly flexible films.  These materials have high Tg and are much stronger than PDMS yet they are highly flexible as well as optically clear as shown for FS-200.

To download the ACW NIL Stamps brochure, click HERE.

Product η (cps, 25 °C) Tg (°C) Modulus* (MPa) Data Sheets&
 HS-110 1,000-1,400  145  3,000   TDS
 FS-200  400-500  133  1,700   TDS
 FS-300  300-400  122  1,200   TDS
 PC (ref)#  140  2,000
 PDMS (ref)# -125         2

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* Young’s modulus (elastic modulus) at 25 °C.

# Literature reference values for PC (polycarbonate) and PDMS (polydimethylsilicone).