Photo-Replication Resins

Photopolymer resins for micro- and nano-replications or UV-embossing to create embossed features on plastic, glass, or metal substrates.  The applications include information layer for data storage and light directing features for display films.  The cured photopolymer resins have high hardness, high Tg, and dimensional stability under normal operation temperatures.  The resins provide ultra-accurate replicated features from stampers or molds at 100 nanometer to several micrometer scales.  The uncured resins have low viscosity and are suitable for spin coating.  The RI of IP-158 matches that of PC, and the RI of BD-319 matches that of PMMA.

Product η (cps, 25 °C) Tg (°C) RI (d)* Data Sheets
IP-158 420-500   70 1.584   TDS
BD-218 380-420 120 1.506   TDS
BD-312 380-450 150 1.505   TDS
BD-319 500-600   62 1.491   TDS

*RI of cured resin measured at 589 nm at 25 °C.