High RI Optical Resins for Lenses

Lens Resins

ACW offers high refractive index (high RI) materials that give cured resins with RI in the range 1.52 to 1.60 @ 589 nm.  The cured resins are hard, optically clear materials suitable for lens applications including Wafer-Level-Optics lens for cameras in mobile phones.  They have high Tg, are heat stable, and are compatible with solder reflow.

APPLICATIONS:  The ACW L series resins are designed for UV nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and step-and-flash imprint lithography (SFIL) or UV-embossing for making Wafer-Level-Optics lens for image sensor modules, optical lenses, hybrid lenses for mobile phone applications.

Product η (cps, 25 °C) Tg (°C) RI (d) Abbe Data
AC L2002-C42 2600–3000 150 1.515  47   TDS
AC L2002-C56 1,100-1,300 145 1.513  48   TDS
AC L2007 10,500–12,500  95 1.567  35   TDS
AC L2061-B 1,800-2,000 130 1.602  27   TDS

RI measured at 589 nm at 25 °C.  Abbe number is Vd at 25 °C.

To open a PDF describing P-NIL lens resins, click on the image.